In a “perfect” organization, everyone would just get along naturally. There wouldn’t be any arguments or people shying away from projects that involve working with others. What would exist instead are healthy conversations that push the team forward and members working for the greater good of the organization. Much of what we know about how the brain works, cultural competence awareness, and adult learning theory, people are all different. We each bring something unique to the organization.

Below are a few tips to maximize the effectiveness of each player on the team.

  • To be a transformative organization, you must build on the strengths and knowledge of each member of the team, while furthering the mission of the organization.
  • Each member of the team must feel valued and know that their voices matter.
  • Focus on building relationships and building up the team (ex. regular opportunities to socialize beyond the wall of the company, celebrate the milestones of the team, etc.).
  • Members of the team should take a personality or leadership assessment so each team member is aware of their strengths or weaknesses and can better relate to those who are opposite of them.

Here are a few questions to promote reflection.

  1. What actions can you take to maximize the effectiveness of each member of your team?
  2. What “small wins” can transform your organization into one that values the contributions of each member of the team?
  3. What is at risk, if you don’t do something now?