The intentional design of professional growth experiences unfolds in four steps.

STEP #01

Asset Appraisal

Clients will complete an Asset Appraisal. This appraisal is a survey in which you provide the consultant with information regarding your strengths, needs, and goals for your school or for your professional growth as an educator.

STEP #02

Discovery Call

After completing the Asset Appraisal, you will schedule a Discovery Call with the consultant to review the appraisal and to discuss how best the consultant can support you in reaching your goals, and the services that would be ideal. A follow-up to this call will be a formalized coaching or professional development plan based on your goals and areas you desire to see growth.

STEP #03

Implementation of Action Plan

The action plan will be implemented. As the plan unfolds, changes may be made based on the collective grows and glows.

STEP #04


The process concludes with a discussion of growth outcomes and next steps.